Moyra International Nail Artist & Owner of Moyra UK

I started my career back in 1994 after I had my children. I decided I wanted a career change, I wanted to be self-employed and work around my children. I signed up to a private training provider where I did 100 hours in nail technology. For a year after my training I struggled to keep my clients. My nails were always lifting, and I was ready to give up. My husband told me to go on another course and from there I never looked back.

I opened my own salon in 2001, it was a great success. I soon needed new premises as we were growing fast. In 2004 I decided to open my own training school I had no where I could send my staff for training. I gained Centre approval to offer NVQ’s and all was going well. Two years later I was offered a job in a school delivering beauty and nail courses to school children as part of their year 11 options. Within a year the department had grown offering its courses to seven other schools. I was promoted to Director of Hair and Beauty. Later that year I was appointed to sit on the board for the development of 14 to 19 diplomas for Derbyshire. My day consisted of teaching my own classes, running the schools Hair and Beauty department as well as sitting on the board with 7 other school heads and collages heads. I also had my salon! The decision was made I had to give my salon up. I continued to run the hair and Beauty department as well as my meetings for developing new standards for the 14 to 19 diplomas.

Two years later I became very ill, it was time to slow down. After major surgery and a few months trying to recover my decision was made to leave. My career took a slight change when I decided to take a position for a very large nail brand in the UK. I trained to become a brand educator. I loved it I travelled the UK teaching and demonstrating. I gained my Master educator status then went on to gain my International Nail Artist educator status. I was loving life. In 2015 I left as I wanted my own brand. I had fallen in love with the product Moyra. I had never used it I just followed the Hungarian educators for the brand. I decided to open my own training school and approached Moyra to gain UK Exclusivity for the brand. After a meeting in Hungary I was given permission and my contract was signed. I spent 3 years building the brand as well as my training school. My training school took of very fast and grew at an amazing rate. It was absorbing all my time and I started to have less time for Moyra. Earlier this year 2019 I was asked if I would sell my training school, it was a good offer it meant I could put all my focus into Moyra. I snapped their hands off.

So now we’re moving premises, a new home for Moyra, smaller as we don’t need the room. Moyra training courses are being redeveloped. The focus is to grow and grow. For once in my life I’m content. I am the owner of a beautiful brand here in the UK. My training in the past years has taught me some great skills. I’m excited for the future. Ha-ha Future! The name of my first ever salon! But I am looking forward to my future with Moyra and a great team of educators. Educators I can call my friends and team. My motto is don’t give up. I nearly did. What would I have missed? LOADS!!


Anglea Metclafe

UK Education Manager

I’ve been in the Nail Industry for 20 + years, and my passion for nails and nail design has grown over the years with keeping up to date with continuous professional/personal development, which is very important. I have been a brand Educator for EZFlow, Crystal Nails and Brillbird in the past, and where I met Cheryl, working for EZFlow and we continued our journey together with Crystal Nails, and gaining our International Nail Artist Certificate. I’m now Education Manager for Moyra UK, and Educator, delivering all private training courses in nail enhancements and nail design from beginners to advanced students, using their amazing products. I am also a Salon Owner of Butterflies Nails & Beauty in Hull City Centre, which I run with my daughter Melissa, offering all different nail treatments.



Moyra UK Educator. My name is Kim, I’m 50, married with the most supportive husband, I have 2 amazing daughters 27 and 23, and 2 precious grandsons.

How I got into the business. Nails have always intrigued me. They can make such a change to the person. Personally, and it doesn’t happen very often but when I have no nails on, my hands look very old, hence why it doesn’t go without them. I am ashamed to say that yes, I was one of those people that always went to the nonstandard salons for years. Then 4 years ago I said to my husband I’m going to go and train in nails. Between me and my 2 daughters it was costing around £150.00 a month to walk out and not be totally happy with the service. I took a course with a company and my nail journey began.

I converted an outbuilding that used to be a coalhouse and old washhouse that was joined to my house and started with a foldable manicure table. I would be awake at 3am every morning and be sat with my trainer hand practicing before I went to my full-time job. Within a few months the BUG had got me, and I wasn’t satisfied with just doing family nails. So, I decided it was time to create this small business, and J & K Nails was born. The little salon was very relaxed and homely and there is always a cup of tea or coffee on hand for the clients Shortly after training I discovered Moyra UK and what a difference this made for me, it totally changes my game. In 2018 I decided to expend the salon and had a summerhouse put in the garden, so I had more room. Later that year I also became redundant in my full-time job. This is when I decided if there was a time to do it, it was now. So, I went self-employed. Shortly after becoming self-employed I joined Moyra UK as an educator. 2019 is joining great, the business clientele has grown and so will the salon again (already have plans in the process for an even larger building) Looking forward to the journey with Moyra.


Moyra UK Educator. My name is Karen Derbyshire and I am a mother of two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter and between them they have given me my 4 gorgeous granddaughters who I adore! I live with my fiancé Peter in a lovely village between Bolton and Manchester! I have been a dedicated Nail Artist, Educator and Competition Judge for over 25 years this has given me the opportunity to travel all around the world doing the job that is my passion!!!

I run a successful business from home, alongside my busy schedule of mixing business and daily duties I dedicate my time to educating for Moyra UK helping to improving the standards within the nail industry by introducing students to one of the best brands within this industry if not The best! My enthusiasm and energy I believe inspires people to want to become a nail technician and my patience and people skills are a bonus. My students and team mates alike love my humour and dedication to the brand. Over the years I have travelled in the competition arena both as a competitor and Judge all around the globe as far as Las Vegas, Malta, Slovenia and as near as London, Scotland, Ireland and Manchester to name a few. I was the owner of a very successful Nail and Beauty salon with 5 staff but personal commitments forced me to close the business and work from home and I have done so now for over 16 years.

Around 10 years ago I had a purpose built extension in which to work from, which enabled me to offer more treatments including hairdressing! Investing my time in continual education to further my own skills has certainly paid dividends for me professionally. Words that I live and aspire by are Sincerity, Dedication, Loyalty, Professionalism, and Positive mental attitude, Education, Enjoyment, Motivate, Profit, Patience, Humour, Enthusiasm and Ambition!!! I hope to be an inspiration to others and I’m excited to continually grow along with the exceptionally fabulous Moyra UK brand, with wonderful people who like myself dedicate their time and expertise to share some awesome trade secrets! Great customer support both during and after courses end, with a unique style of education and nail application. It would be my honour to help you start or expand your nail journey!


Moyra UK Educator. Sian Llewellyn Can weld and solve a Rubik’s cube in under 4 minutes without disassembling it! Half nail geek, half mechanic & car nut. “It’s only when your life starts to unravel around you that you begin to realise how strong you really are.” Sian Llewellyn is a single mum, with 4 grown up children, from Cardiff in South Wales. She took her first nail course in August 1980 after winning a bet with her father that she couldn’t pass Maths ‘O’ Level a year early! But Sian didn’t start her career in nails until 2002. Sian began her working life as a Technology & Maths teacher in a comprehensive school, but unfortunately, in 1999 she was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (a form of Multiple Sclerosis). This forced her to give up teaching and she decided to go back and get up to date with nails instead. She was expecting to be wheelchair bound within 10 years, but it didn’t happen. She describes it as “a bit of a nuisance but it could be worse!”.

Sian runs her own training academy and is Director of Fourteen-A Ltd, a Registered Charity that works with individuals with multiple and significant barriers to employment, education and training. She has a salon called Nail Divas and a mobile salon unit called Vanicures. Sian splits her time between salon work and her lecturing work in entrepreneurism which takes her the length and breadth of the UK. Sian has previously been a Master Technician and Educator for another brand in the UK. She has a Degree in Education from Cardiff University.


Moyra UK Educator. I have been in the nail industry since 2006 when personal circumstances forced me to change careers. Since then my passion for the industry has grown year on year. I have been exceedingly fortunate in my career to have worked on some wonderful projects such as London Fashion Week, film productions, TV productions, print media and also as a judge for Professional Beauty, and as a columnist for Scratch to name but a few. My work is very varied which I love. But nothing is closer to my heart than inspiring people into our industry. There is so much to learn and so many new ideas, new products, our industry is still evolving and I really enjoy not only sharing my knowledge but also working so closely with an international nail brand who can offer new and innovative products such as stamping gels, with the traditional manicure and the creative 4D acrylics. Every day is a learning day!


Moyra UK Educator, Nail Technician and Artist. Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist. Owner of Angels Aesthetics. Nails, Hair & Beauty are all I have ever known. My love for the industry started 30 years ago when I was in school. Hair was my first love, I worked for a local hair salon full time. I gained my qualification and then a couple of years later I fell in love with all things nails. I firstly gained my Diploma after doing a years training in College, then signed up with a couple of private training providers to finesse my skills and opened my first salon in 1995. After four and a half years commuting up and down the M62 every day, I had enough and relocated nearer to home. Whilst trying to find somewhere decent to open a salon, I trained in Beauty Level 2 & 3. I eventually found the perfect place, it needed a lot of work doing but it was worth every minute of sweat and tears. My forever salon was ready. Twenty years later, after working with a lot of companies and training with them. I’ve found my forever company and even more amazing, I am now an Educator for them. I have been involved with Moyra for a couple of years now, going on courses and workshops. Loving the products more and more each time I use them. My theory is, you never stop learning and Moyra make learning so easy and enjoyable